Rijn IJssel and FOZ wish to collaborate in Fashion Outlet Zevenaar

Rijn IJssel and Ontwikkelingscombinatie FOZ B.V., Stable International from Velp and Veluwezoom Verkerk Vastgoedontwikkeling from Zevenaar, the developer of Fashion Outlet Zevenaar, today signed a letter of intent. The statement constitutes the basis of close cooperation between the parties, with Rijn IJssel becoming the most important training partner for the staff in the Fashion Outlet. Stable International will also manage the outlet in Zevenaar.

Director Kees Woltering (Stable) of FOZ: “For an outlet it is extremely important that the staff in the stores are extremely well trained. A day out in an outlet is a day out and then you want to have a great day as a visitor, with a high level of service. This collaboration is therefore an excellent opportunity to strive from day one in a pleasant collaboration between our brand partners, the brands stores, the staff, the outlet management and Rijn IJssel to achieve the highest possible level of service, in which everyone feels at home”.

Solid in training
ROC and the developer are still discussing the content of the collaboration. Cvb chairman Ben Geerdink: “Rijn IJssel is strong in training, both for starters and restarters on the labour market as well as for employees looking for further training in many different areas. We are very pleased with this letter of intent, especially because we are involved in developments at such an early stage. Together with Stable, we can educate students and employees according to the latest insights into a profession, attuned to the needs of the work field”.

Rijn IJssel and FOZ agree on this by placing a signature:
– parties intend to enter into a structural cooperative relationship with each other in the field of training and development of employees in care and service provision;

– Rijn IJssel tries to provide FOZ with personnel and Stable provides Rijn IJssel with places where this personnel can go;

– parties attempt structurally to provide well-trained staff at the Fashion Outlet, both qualitatively and quantitatively in the medium and long term.

Innovative player
The companies behind FOZ are innovative and experienced players in the field of Retail and Outlet Development and Center Management. The companies developed the Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet outlet centres, Designer Outlet Roosendaal and the final phase of Designer Outlet Roermond, as well as a number of large shopping centres in the Netherlands. Geerdink: “Learning in practice is crucial for vocational training. The starting point of our collaboration is therefore to bring training more to the Outlet Centre and to bring FOZ more within the education of Rijn IJssel”. Woolproofing complements: “Our aim is to have the best trained professionals working at the Fashion Outlet Zevenaar, so that we can (can) innovate continuously and provide the visitor with good service and advice, so that they go home very satisfied”.

More information:
Rijn IJssel: spokesperson Karin Jansen, 06-28557391, k.jansen@rijnijssel.nl

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