Welcome to Stable International. 

STABLE is a developer, consultant, and innovative player in the area of retail property. With experience in development and management of things including the outlet centres Batavia Stad and Rosada and a number of large shopping centres in the Netherlands, STABLE is a well-known and valued partner of countless players in the property market. Check out STABLE, and the options for successfully developing and pro-actively managing your property.




STABLE develops outlet centres and shopping centres in the Netherlands and abroad as well as housing developments, sometimes combined with retail. Its starting principle is always a well-considered concept and a realistic commercial proposition. STABLE has the experience and creativity to develop major real estate projects, from the setup of the master plan to the realisation based on distinctive positioning. STABLE develops at its own risk and as a delegated partner for owners or external developing parties for real estate projects.



STABLE has extensive experience managing outlet centres and shopping centres in the Netherlands and abroad. Management of retail property requires a wide range of skills. STABLE has detailed knowledge of retail, both on the owner side but perhaps even more on the side of the tenants and consumers. Together with all parties involved, STABLE directs the process and ensures issues including a sophisticated marketing strategy. This enables STABLE to develop existing real estate as well as new concepts into a successful project.



STABLE advises investors, property owners and owners’ associations on the development and management of (retail) property. Concrete measures are proposed based on distinctive positioning and feasible commercial proposition. STABLE has proven that its innovative ideas are actually profitable and feasible; examples include Centrum Vathorst, Batavia Stad and Rosada. STABLE has also advised property owners in the area of marketing, enabling projects to be marketed in a different way and directly paid off; examples include De Centrale in Leeuwarden as well as Stadskwartier-Utrecht and the Aabe complex in Tilburg.

Proper diversification is essential for all shopping centres and outlet centres in creating optimal attraction.  Where branches or certain brands are lacking and not available on the market, STABLE goes one step further in our dedication and enterprise.

STABLE plays a leading role in developing outlet centres and shopping centres, by creating added value for investors, partners, tenants and consumers.

In developing new and successful concepts, STABLE has proven itself time and time again by converting concepts into actual projects in the area of successful housing developments. 

Strong brands form the foundation for a successful retail centre. STABLE has a large network and works closely with many of the world’s biggest and most important brands.

The STABLE marketing approach is both successful and innovative, which has been proven by the growing results and confirmed with several awards for the marketing concepts created and implemented for our projects.