Optimal use of the retail centre

Strong brands form the foundation for a successful retail centre. This is evident for an outlet centre. Existing shopping centres and city centres also benefit from the presence of strong brands.

Proper diversification and optimally filling a shopping centre with international and local brands ensure appeal and the product range the consumers come there for. The surroundings, the potential consumers within driving distance and specific customer groups are what make a location attractive to a brand partner. STABLE has a large network of brand partners and knows the preferences and choices they make. 

A challenging proposition and leasing strategy form the starting point in the development of a shopping centre or outlet centre. In STABLE experience, a leasing strategy has added value for every shopping centre or shopping area. What makes your shopping area unique and what brands and/or entrepreneurs complement and strengthen the total concept? On top of the analysis of what you need, it is about the reliability of the research on the purchasing flows and the attractiveness of your proposal. Then, it’s about the contacts. 

STABLE works closely with many of the world’s biggest and most important brands in the fashion, sports, accessories and homeware industries. STABLE did groundbreaking work introducing MediaMarkt, Toys ’R’ Us, Decathlon and Marktkauf on the Dutch market. Based on a clear leasing strategy, all required tools are provided and the proposition is drawn up to lead to a complete and highest-performing use of a shopping centre. 

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