Long-term dedication is essential

Developing retail property and especially developing an outlet and shopping centre requires trust and perseverance. In STABLE’s experience, developing an outlet and shopping centre requires long-term dedication. The vision and passion in developing the concept is essential to the actual realisation. It starts with consistency and continuity in the preparations and design stage. The required procedures, the consideration of social interests and obtaining support play a role in other areas than developing outlet centres.

STABLE first developed an outlet centre in the Netherlands: Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet opened its doors to the public in 2001. That was followed by many expansions of Batavia Stad and in 2011, redevelopment and repositioning started on Rosada Fashion Outlet, with the frosting on the cake being the completion of the expansion of Rosada in 2016. Now, STABLE is working on the development of Fashion Outlet Zevenaar. In Europe, STABLE has been successfully active in the development of outlet centres in Montabaur, Leipzig and Honfleur-Normandy.

In the development and realisation of retail property, STABLE has an eye for detail and for the long term. Of course, things can be done differently. But STABLE places high value on the execution and e.g. the choice of construction materials. The quality of the buildings and the spatial environment enhances the chosen concept and increases the chance of a sustainable real estate development.

After the opening of an outlet centre or shopping centre, it is essential to continue to coordinate with the users. It is important for the underlying concept and the formulas to be kept up to date and further optimised. A solid concept, attractive brands, financial control and cooperation are the conditions for a successful and sustainable development. STABLE applies this experience to all its retail property projects.

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