Attractive concepts

Brand and marketing concepts are good if they are attractive to consumers, retailers and the owners of the retail property. A concept serves the general goals of a project and supports the individual commercial goals of the retailers. STABLE develops smart and effective marketing programmes for large shopping centres and outlet centres, which are applicable to city centres and smaller groups of retailers. 

Collaboration and a form of control are essential when users of retail property and entrepreneurs want to be effective in developing recognisability and attraction. A brand and marketing concept provides direction and supports the collaboration in the shopping centre or shopping area. Based on the concept and a detailed marketing plan, the overarching promotion and themed campaigns are executed and/or overseen. For a shopping area, capacity has to be organised with up-to-date marketing knowledge and the ability to promote and facilitate the collaboration.

Depending on your wishes and needs, STABLE can think along with you and offer advice on specific marketing issues or on determining the required centre management position. Though the tasks are the same, structuring the role of director and the level of the shared marketing activities is custom work. STABLE advises based on broad experience and a clear vision of concepts that customers find compelling. STABLE also unburdens the direction & marketing job for a long period of time. 

In addition to consultancy, STABLE provides long-term marketing project management or centre management. STABLE offers custom expertise targeted to its client’s needs in the area of advertising campaigns, communications, events, online strategy, social media, loyalty & retention concepts and creative cross-channel media strategies. STABLE has proven itself and has a large network of professionals in the area of B2B and B2C marketing. 

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